GeoSLAM Unleashes Desktop Software for Indoor Mapping Applications


Following on from the huge successes of GeoSLAM at InterGEO 2015 and the unveiling of the new ZEB-REVO, GeoSLAM are pleased to announce an exciting development in the way in which customers can process their data. Customers can now purchase GeoSLAM-Desktop Software and process their data locally without any need to upload their data to the cloud. This will allow customers without web access, or those with security issues around cloud processing, to harness the power of GeoSLAM products and software whilst remaining offline. The ease of operation of ZEB and ZEB-REVO is mirrored in the new GeoSLAM-Desktop Software with minimal training needed to rapidly produce fully registered data.


For those who still require a cloud- based solution, standard GeoSLAM credit based processing will remain, offering GeoSLAM customers complete versatility in their data processing. GeoSLAM-Desktop Software will allow unlimited processing of data from the entire GeoSLAM suite of products as a single user or network license. Customers can benefit from a full 12 months online processing support where required. For customers who wish to remain ‘off-line’ a technical support hotline is available. After an initial 12 month period a full software maintenance package is available.

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