GRMC Announces “Your Facility on Your Desktop” Webinar Using SLAM Technology for Indoor Mapping

1New York, NY, Monday, October 24, 2016
Global Resources Management Consultancy Inc. (GRMC), announced their info-packed webinar “Your Facility on Your Desktop” detailing the fastest and most comprehensive building documentation available, literally providing your entire building/facility on your desktop with accurate “as-is” information accessible across your enterprise.
This incredible building documentation tool records floor plans, 3D data, and interior “Google Streetview” imagery at an accuracy better than ½”. The iMS 3D is truly unique and has the ability to map interiors as fast as you can walk, up to 500,000 sq. ft. in a single day!
GRMC provides a “full scan to BIM” process using the most advanced indoor mapping system, the Viametris iMS 3D. This revolutionary indoor mapping system is simple to operate and simultaneously captures 360 degree high resolution imagery, a 2D floor plan and a 3D LiDAR point cloud. They model the data and deliver AutoCAD or REVIT models to clients’ specifications.
 “This unique technology, which is dramatically faster and considerably less expensive than anything else available in the market, has proven very useful and can be used for many applications including building documentation, space planning, construction phase monitoring, BIM modeling, construction design, MEP, virtual tours, floor plans, asset documentation and management and anything else you might need to know about your facility. This is truly “your facility on your desktop” to an accuracy of better than 1/2 inch,” said Dave Lewis, Senior VP, Global Resources Management Consultancy Inc.
Providing full scan to BIM service, GRMC is also rolling out a very lucrative license program for companies with an existing client base that have a need for this technology and that provide complementary services. The webinar will discuss the technology and its application while providing an opportunity to discuss the license program and how companies can get involved in this exciting opportunity.
To register for the webinar, email or phone for available times and dates.  Don’t delay, this webinar is in high demand and slots are filling up fast. For more information or to register for the webinar contact:
Dave Lewis – Senior VP
Global Resources Management Consultancy Inc. (GRMC)

About Global Resources Management Consultancy Inc. (GRMC):
Global Resources Management Consultancy Inc. (GRMC) is an Infrastructure and Facilities Management services company providing practical, innovative solutions to alleviate simple and complex long term problems in the areas of Facilities, Transportation, Mass Transit, Logistics, Urban Development and Planning. The GRMC network of multi-disciplined professionals believe in developing customized solutions by supplying a wide range of quality and ground-breaking engineering services to meet clients’ needs.
For more information, contact:
Global Resources Management Consultancy Inc. (GRMC)
New York, Head Office:   333 West 39th street, 2nd Floor, New York, New York 10018, T: 212-564-2085
Washington DC Office:    Evening Star Building, 1101 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC 20004, T: 202-756-1578,
Northern Virginia Office:  210 North 21st. Street, Purcellville, VA 20132

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