Ground-breaking Drone Autonomy Company Announces First North American Distributor

Ground-breaking Drone Autonomy Company Announces First North American Distributor

NEW YORK, June 14, 2019


Emesent PTY LTD based in Brisbane, Australia are bringing their revolutionary drone autonomy technology to the North American market.  Emesent’s advanced autonomy and SLAM-based LIDAR mapping technology known as Hovermap, will now be available through a dedicated distribution channel with partner Qntfi, Inc. in New York, USA.

Based on over 10 years of CSIRO research, Hovermap utilises CSIRO / Data61’s Wildcat SLAM to provide best-in-class mapping performance. Hovermap provides drone operators with advanced data collection efficiency, enhanced safety and insights in challenging above-ground, underground and GPS-denied environments.  With Hovermap, underground mines, tunnels, bridges, telecom and transmission towers and other built infrastructure can now be mapped and inspected safely, without putting humans at risk. 

Stefan Hrabar, Emesent’s CEO and co-founder, says, “We only recently introduced Hovermap into the North American market and have already signed distributors, with Qntfi being the first.  We are pleased to add Qntfi to our growing distribution channel as they have been involved with SLAM LIDAR technology for many years now.”   He added, “Hovermap is not like any other SLAM-based LIDAR system.  It provides advanced autonomy capability for safe deployment around critical infrastructure as well as dangerous underground mining situations.  We are manufacturing Hovermap units as fast as we can and are excited to land Qntfi as they have extensive market knowledge and are able to work with us in expanding our footprint in the US, Canada and Mexico.”

According to Bill Gutelius, President and founder of Qntfi, he is thrilled to be working with the best-in-class manufacturer of SLAM-base LIDAR technology.  “We have had extensive experience in the past 6 years evaluating and working with SLAM technology and with the release of Hovermap in North America, we believe it will break new ground with its autonomy and increased accuracy performance over other sensor providers.”  Gutelius added, “We have found that Emesent are responsive to customer needs and provide a cost-effective solution to difficult LIDAR mapping situations.   They are easy to work with and have top-notch technical expertise in the fields of robotics, SLAM and LIDAR remote sensing.”

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About Emesent
Emesent is a drone autonomy and data analytics spin-out from CSIRO’s Data61. After raising $3.5 million in venture capital to commercialise its first product, Hovermap, Emesent was launched in November 2018.

About Qntfi
Qntfi distributes leading-edge hardware and software solutions and their team has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of LIDAR, remote sensing, engineering project management and technology equipment sales.  Qntfi also provides consultancy services for end-users and manufacturers alike.

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