Introducing SiteScape Pro, LiDAR app for construction

Introducing SiteScape Pro, the 1st iPhone LiDAR app for construction

September 15, 2021 

Today we’re thrilled to launch SiteScape Pro, the first iOS LiDAR app designed for construction professionals. 

SiteScape already allows you to quickly capture high-resolution 3D scans that are accurate to within an inch. Our users have been modeling as-builts and existing conditions and seamlessly exporting their scans to CAD programs including Revit, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Sketchup, Navisworks, Revizto, and others.

With SiteScape Pro, you can now sync the field to the back office, and up the ante on collaboration. Sync your 3D scans to the cloud, where they can be securely viewed or shared with collaborators on any device (Desktop or Mobile on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC) via a link. You can also annotate your scans with comments and measurement tools. 

Here’s a short overview of the new SiteScape Pro features:

SiteScape Pro is $49/month billed monthly, or users can save 20% with an annual subscription for $39/month. Subscriptions can be canceled anytime and include a 14-day no-questions-asked refund policy.

All SiteScape users can continue to capture and export unlimited scans from the mobile app with a free account. Free users can have one scan synced to the cloud at a time with access to all Pro features and syncing additional scans automatically replaces the previous scan. Users can unlock unlimited scans in the cloud by upgrading to SiteScape Pro.

Case Study: Holo-Blok’s University of Alberta Dentistry Pharmacy Project 

With SiteScape’s mobile 3D scanning, Holo-Blok was able to capture as-builts and translate record drawings more than 10x faster, saving over 100 hours in one project. With the average size of 20,000 sq ft for new commercial buildings, this could yield a savings of at least 500 hours between the different trades/consultants, or ~$50,000 per project.

See the full Holo-Blok case study here.


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