Is 2020 the year to make the move to online 3D working?

Is 2020 the year to make the move to online 3D working?
Faster broadband, the advent of 5G, rapidly increasing 3D assets to manage and leverage. It must be time to look closely at what 3D on-line platforms have to offer.

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Real world efficiencies in data transfer and management, project planning, briefing and operational execution.
This is what our customers are experiencing with 3DUserNet, really leveraging the value of all their 3D assets – point clouds, models and linework

Most platforms impose limits in this way. This doesn’t make any sense to us so the only limit is the amount of data storage and bandwidth you sign up for. Then its totally up to you.

A host of new features and functions for 2020. Check out our new short video below

We have an extensive free trial offer and HALF PRICE licence offer to kickstart the 20s
See these on our website

We’ll be releasing new capabilities and features steadily but rapidly over the coming weeks and months, do get in contact if you want to know more.

All the best

Paul, Dave and Mark – Co-Founders


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