Kansas State University and MODUS-AI to Host Drone LiDAR Workshop

Modus-AI and Kansas State University to Host Introduction to Drone LiDAR Workshop May 21

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Modus-AI and Kansas State University (KSU) will host a drone LiDAR (light detection and ranging) workshop May 21, 2019, at the KSU campus in Olathe, Kansas.  Those who attend will experience flight operations and explore the technology that quickly delivers high-quality, 3D digital models.

After demonstrations of different drone systems, participants will practice the development process, which includes live geodetic correction compiling with 3-dimensional point cloud colorization of data. Throughout the demonstration, participants will hear business use cases and applications for the technology that deliver significant return on investment (ROI).

“Drone LiDAR mapping offers the energy, transportation and construction industries rapid, affordable geospatial topography that exceeds photogrammetry capabilities,” said Daniel Hubert, founder and CEO of Modus-AI. “Archeologists deploy it in central America, local governments use it for flood plain mapping and people in forensic sciences can use it to create models of a crime scene to persuade a jury.”

According to Hubert, LiDAR geographic information system (GIS) technology can capture 3D models accurate within two centimeters and in some situations, a few millimeters. The combination of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) with LiDAR means that surveyors can reach inaccessible areas and create digital surface models in a few hours instead of weeks.

Workshop participants, Hubert explained, will learn every step of the mapping process. In the morning, UAVs will capture raw 3D images onto a USB card. In the afternoon, participants will perform live geodetic correction and then compile the data into 3D point clouds colors. Throughout the workshop, experts will learn business use cases and ROI strategies.

“By the end of the day, people will know more than just how to fly a drone or create 3D models,” said Hubert. “Because Modus-AI is the only business out there that provides end to end UAV LiDAR solutions, it makes smart business sense to start using it now before competitors even know about it.”

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