LiDARCOMEX 2022: April 5 The Lidar Commercial Expo

LiDARCOMEX 2022: April 5, 2022, The Lidar Commercial Expo.

Lidar Commercial Expo

GoGeomatics and Lidar News present Lidar Comex 2022: April 5, 2022, with workshops on April 6, 2022. 

The free livestream Lidar Comex 2022 is a free business–to-business virtual event matching reality capture lidar vendors with practicing 3D professionals from North America and beyond. 

By registering for this free and unique online event you will hear from key industry vendors regarding their innovative laser scanning and lidar hardware/software products and services.

Please register at 


Session with Marek Koltun, Senior Account Executive with NavVis 

Achieving Survey-Grade with SLAM-based LiDAR mapping

 Session with Cansel  

Data Comparison and Applications of UAV – Drone Imagery Based Point-clouds vs. LiDAR Point-clouds

The first day will conclude with an outstanding panel discussion featuring some of the true 3D laser scanning industry innovators. The topic is Challenging 3D Laser Scanning Projects – Best Practices and Lessons Learned

The panelists include,  

Moderator Gene Roe – Lidar News CEO 

Marek Koltun – NavVis Senior Account Executive – Enterprise and Partners 

Dennis Hirota – Sam O. Hirota Inc. President 

Michael Raphael – Direct Dimensions Founder and CEO 

John Russo – USIBD President/CEO

A huge thank you to our LiDARCOMEX 2022 sponsors. 

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