Navigant Ranks Automated Driving Systems

Automated driving is a key technology for improving the commuting experience while also addressing societal problems caused by the saturation of automobiles, including traffic congestion, injuries and fatalities, as well as diminished air quality.

As automated driving begins its move from a concept to a reality, Navigant Research is assessing how players active in the space stack up in terms of strategy an execution. In a recent report that assessed 19 companies, Navigant Research found that General Motors and Waymo are leading the pack, followed by Daimler, VW and Ford.

“The companies that have the resources and expertise to ensure that the automation technologies are robust enough to operate in a broad range of conditions while also supporting business models that bring access to the masses are the most likely to succeed,” says report author Sam Abuelsamid, senior research analyst.

He added that advances in computational architectures and sensing technology are driving the market forward, and when coupled with dramatic cost reductions, vehicle electrification, and ubiquitous connectivity, highly automated vehicles are quickly nearing a level of maturity that will enable initial deployments for consumers.

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