New ‘FREE’ 3D data visualisation product announcement

Due to market demand, Euclideon is launching a Free 3D data visualization product on 13th July, called udStream. The product launch marks the company’s business model change to Freemium for rendering and streaming.  

udStream solves the universal problem of massive point-cloud data files being simply ’too big’ to stream, share and visualize. Simply put, udStream effectively unlocks the priceless value in the volumes of data that businesses previously might have left untouched. Free sign-up customers will benefit from a ‘game-changing’ data visualization tool, that will truly transform their daily workflow, project decision making and collaborative opportunities.

“Euclideon is providing our new 3D data visualization solution udStream ‘Free’, because we genuinely believe more businesses’ should be allowed to ‘truly discover their data’ and solve challenging workflow problems”. Daniel Zhang Euclideon CEO.  

Current ‘Vault’ customers will be automatically transferred over to the Premium version of udStream. Premium version customers are rewarded with flexible licensing, with private servers available and access to additional features including unlimited projects in Euclideon’s secure hosted area, premium support, and options for IoT, offline dongle and their own hosted servers. Euclideon’s current customers have supported the move and welcome the enhanced profile that udStream will provide.

Euclideon will continue to serve customers in industries such as rail, roads, mining, oil and gas, geo-spatial, defence, government, AEC and Heritage. Also, Euclideon partners with major industry leaders such as Unity, Riegl, Aerometrex, Siemens, esri, Austmine and Leica. With udStream as the medium for digital twin visualization, Euclideon will help a larger volume of users to manage their work on 3d digital assets. 

Many businesses work under conditions where maintenance, risk, safety, compliance and continuity are critical everyday components. With accurate landscape, building and linear asset measurement, udStream can detect the height, length, area and precise position of all types of object in 3D. The 3D visualized digital model provides discoverable and shareable insights, replacing the need for repeat field visits over the project life.

udStream content creators can easily share projects across the entire business as well as their external customer – allowing deeper project collaboration, enhanced workflows and ‘one version of the truth’ to take place. udStream simply handles and brings to life massive 3D point-cloud data visualization at speeds previously unimagined.

Customers can sign-up and use udStream Free immediately, by visiting the company website. CLICK HERE.


  • I just read your article on 3D upstream visualization product. I am a retired civil engineering tech and had satellite/aerial remote sensing classes in college many years ago.
    Now with ever changing technology I prefer to Lidar and Jim Rowe to keep up with innovations in the transportation infrastructure which I did surveying on AMTRAK, SEPTA, NJ Transit, Lindenwald High Speed Line, Camden County Mini Rail, Philadelphia International Airport, US Interstate Hwy. bridges. I wish I was back in the field.

  • Correction Gene Rowe. Not Jim. Sorry for the name error.

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