NGS News: Surveyors Week is March 20–26

NGS News: Surveyors Week is March 20–26

National Surveyors Week is March 20–26, 2022, and Global Surveyors Day is Tuesday, March 22! These events are perfect opportunities to introduce students to the many career paths open to professional surveyors, and to get involved in your professional community. Every year during this week NGS works with our local, state, and regional partners to highlight how surveying and accurate location science play a critical role in helping people navigate their everyday lives on land, sea, and in the air.

NGS Surveyors Week

Land surveying has been a core part of the NGS mission since the 1800s. NGS programs support the work of surveyors, and underpin numerous precise positioning, scientific, and engineering applications.

Surveying: At the Heart of Every Project

Tim Burch, Executive Director of the National Society of Professional Surveyors, has written this insightful article about how surveyors are intrinsically involved in many projects having to do with development, construction, and infrastructure. 

NGS is also involved in a national level project with the U.S. Census Bureau involving the 2020 Center of Population that will improve the geodetic infrastructure of Hartville, Missouri. A new commemorative survey mark will give local and regional surveyors a new starting point for the many everyday applications of geodesy, from housing and road construction to floodplain mapping and precision agriculture projects. 

As we celebrate National Surveyors Week, please keep in mind the vital roles that surveyors play before, during, and after every development and infrastructure project conducted by architects, engineers, and construction professionals.


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