NY UAS Test Site Lead Path for Safe Drone Operations…

NUAIR and New York UAS Test Site Lead Path for Safe Drone Operations Over People with Workhorse and AVSS Collaboration

5th drone parachute validation for NUAIR, enabling scalable and economically viable advanced unmanned aircraft operations

AVSS Parachute Deployed on Horsefly Drone at New York UAS Test Site

NUAIR recently put the Aerial Vehicle Safety Solutions Inc. (AVSS) drone parachute recovery system through rigorous safety and failure scenarios over multiple days at the New York UAS Test Site in Rome, New York.

The tests were successful on the American-made Horsefly, produced by Workhorse, an Ohio-based tech company. The successful tests prove the AVSS parachute recovery system complies with ASTM International parachute standard F3322-18, allowing Workhorse to expedite their Durability and Reliability Testing requirements, and allowing commercial drone pilots utilizing this platform combination to fly over people legally and safely.

NUAIR has now conducted five parachute standard validations since the standard was published in 2018.

Drone safety standards continue to be developed to keep skies safe, much like how safety standards for cars and trucks keep roads safe. Before a motor vehicle manufacturer can put their vehicles on the road, they must have their components tested by a third party to confirm, or validate, that the product complies with current standards. The process is the same for drones, with NUAIR acting as the third-party validation service.

The AVSS parachute recovery system is a safety product for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), commonly referred to has drones. In the event of a drone malfunction in the air, the system will automatically cut power to the drone, deploy its parachute, and allow the aircraft to descend slowly from the sky. This safety system significantly decreases the potential of harm to people or property on the ground and reduces the risk of damage to the drone itself.

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