Official release of 3DReshaper 2018

Making substantial 2D and 3D reports has never been so easy with 3DReshaper!

The 2018 version of 3DReshaper has been officially released on May, 31th with a lot of interesting new features.

3DReshaper 2018 offers a brand-new reporting engine: create, edit, customize your own reports from pre-defined templates or from scratch! Closely integrated into the software, the report editor is a complete tool to end your workflows with. Add text, move images, put a snapshot of your scene with labels, data tables and export all of it in a 2D or 3D PDF.

3DReshaper 2018 also allows you to work your point with even more precision than before: the clean / separate command has been significantly improved for an easier and more efficient use; and you can now benefit from new segmentation and filtering tools (according to the point cloud’s real colors, its inspection or intensity values, etc.).

Aware of the surveyors’ constantly-evolving environment, 3DReshaper allows you to address new markets: discover our new tool for stockpile measurements (draw the contour directly on point clouds to measure its volume), and the possibility to compute a 2D inspection for road cross sections.

Get the best of 3DReshaper and benefit from all these new features and much more by downloading this new version.


About 3DReshaper:

3DReshaper is the easy-to-use and versatile software solution dedicated to processing any type of point clouds in a wide array of applications. From point cloud to deliverables, from engineering to heritage, from surveying to manufacturing, 3DReshaper is the complete toolbox to meet your 3D modeling and inspection needs.

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