Orbit GT launches disruptive technology at Esri Partner Conference

Palm Springs, CA, March 7th, 2016.

Orbit GT is launching disruptive 3D Mapping technology to be presented at the Esri Partner Conference, Palm Springs, CA.

“Our Esri integrations will change the way the Esri community looks at Mobile Mapping and other 3D content”, says Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT.  “We’re pleased that many Esri users, partners and employees are looking forward to have high end quality and accurate content of street level imagery and 3D point clouds available throughout the Esri platform.”

Orbit GT is presenting at the Esri Partner Conference, for all to check out what change is about to happen to 3D Mapping in a worldwide business, expertise and context

Come visit us in booth 104 to enjoy our game-changing technology, Here’s a movie showing Orbit GT plugins to the Esri platform.



About Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies

Orbit Geospatial Technologies is world leader in solutions for exploiting Mobile Mapping, UAS and Aerial Mapping data in managing, viewing, extracting, publishing, sharing and embedding in workflows. Orbit GT is headquartered in Lokeren, Belgium.

For more information, please contact

Mr. Peter Bonne
Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies NV

Industriepark E17, 2021

9160 Lokeren


Phone +32 9 340 5757

Fax     +32 9 340 5750


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