Orbit GT shows automated Feature Extraction tools at SPAR, Houston

Lokeren, Belgium, April 8th, 2016.

Orbit GT will be showing new automated and semi-automated Mobile Mapping Feature Extraction tools at the upcoming SPAR event in Houston, USA.

“We’ve been working for along time to build automated and semi-automated feature extraction tools”, says Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT.  “At the upcoming SPAR event we wil showcase a few of the tools that we’re working on.   I’m particulary pleased with the semi-automated parallel line extraction tool.”

Parallel line extraction allows the user to systematically move forward over e.g. a stretch of road, while simultaneously mapping each side of the road.  When jumping ahead, the tool automatically tries to tie in the same points, hence generating many polylines in one go, and with minimal user interaction required. Come look in booth 520 where Orbit GT will also be showing other advanced extraction tools.


About Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies

Orbit Geospatial Technologies is world leader in solutions for exploiting Mobile Mapping, UAS and Aerial Mapping data in managing, viewing, extracting, publishing, sharing and embedding in workflows. Orbit GT is headquartered in Lokeren, Belgium.

For more information, please contact

Mr. Peter Bonne
Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies NV

Industriepark E17, 2021

9160 Lokeren


Phone +32 9 340 5757

Fax     +32 9 340 5750


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