Ordnance Survey Case Study …

Ordnance Survey Case Study

Ordnance Survey Case Study

National mapping agency for Great Britain, Ordnance Survey, were in need of a quicker and more cost-effective way to collect georeferenced pointcloud data. Their existing method wasn’t sustainable in the long-term so they turned to Datron Technology and OxTS to help them develop a convenient, low-cost mobile mapping system that could be used ‘off the-shelf’.

To create the pointcloud Ordnance Survey would have to build a mobile mapping system that could be mounted on a vehicle. It would need to include a number of components such as a LiDAR sensor, cameras and an INS. Whilst they already had the LiDAR sensor, they required an accurate INS to provide the position, navigation and timing information needed to create the pointcloud. Through their own research, and by working closely with Datron, Ordnance Survey decided that a combination of the OxTS xNAV650 INS, working in conjunction with OxTS’ LiDAR georeferencing software, OxTS Georeferencer, would help them achieve their goals.

By using a combination of the OxTS xNAV650 INS and OxTS Georeferencer alongside their Velodyne VLP-16 LiDAR sensor and Streetdrone Twizy vehicle, they have reduced their mobile mapping costs and improved efficiency while at the same time maintaining the quality of their final product.

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