OxTS release OxTS Georeferencer 2.6 ..

OxTS release OxTS Georeferencer 2.6 – now with batch processing

OxTS Georeferencer is a software tool developed by OxTS that allows LiDAR surveyors to quickly and simply georeference LiDAR data using the navigation data from both OxTS and 3rd party navigation devices.

OxTS OxTS Georeferencer

Packed full of useful features aimed at streamlining the LiDAR survey process, and compatible with many LiDAR sensor families including Velodyne, Hesai, Ouster, RoboSense and more, OxTS Georeferencer allows users to boresight their payload and produce clear and accurate pointclouds with ease.

New in version 2.6…

Improve LiDAR surveying efficiency with batch processing!

Users of OxTS Georeferencer 2.6 can now process multiple navigation (.CSV and .NCOM) and LiDAR (.LCOM and .PCAP) files simultaneously. This additional functionality allows users to conduct multiple surveys using the same vehicle(s) before processing the data at a more convenient time.

Using the batch processing tool reduces the amount of time taken to process the data collected during a survey, therefore improving productivity and reducing overheads.

Ensure spatial integrity and precise georeferencing with additional datums.

Datums enable the accurate interpretation, analysis, and comparison of pointcloud information, making them an indispensable component of mapping workflows.

Datums also play a crucial role pointcloud creation due to their significance in establishing a reference framework for geospatial data. The Earth isn’t a perfect sphere, so datums provide a starting reference point from which to build a map representing a specific area on Earth’s surface. By aligning the pointcloud data to a specific datum, mapping professionals using OxTS Georeferencer can ensure spatial integrity, precise georeferencing, and seamless integration with other geographic datasets. 

Use OxTS Georeferencer alongside any combination of INS and LiDAR sensor!

Thanks to the new anyNAV feature, OxTS Georeferencer is now compatible with many 3rd party navigation devices. This means that users now have the ability to use the OxTS Georeferencer software to boresight their payload and georeference their LiDAR data irrespective of the combination of sensors they choose to use – adding even more flexibility when it comes to how a user chooses to survey their environment.

Webinar: OxTS Georeferencer 2.6 is here – now with batch processing! 

OxTS Georeferencer is a simple and easy to use LiDAR data georeferencing and boresight calibration tool. The software contains many features that help to streamline the survey process and increase productivity.

Version 2.6 sees the introduction of batch processing. Batch processing allows surveyors to process multiple navigation (.CSV and .NCOM) and LiDAR (.LCOM and .PCAP) files simultaneously.

On Thursday, 6th July at 14:00 hrs (BST), OxTS Associate Product Manager, Jonathan Deacon, will explain how batch processing can improve LiDAR survey productivity and also how you can now use OxTS Georeferencer with your existing navigation data to boresight your payload and georeference your data.

By joining the webinar you will learn more about:

  • Improving survey productivity with batch processing
  • How you can leverage your existing navigation sensors with the anyNAV feature
  • What the future holds for OxTS Georeferencer

The webinar is complimentary and a recording will be sent to everyone who registers after the event.

You can register for the webinar from the OxTS website here – 

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