PointCab Welcomes The Map Lady as Master VAR

PointCab Welcomes The Map Lady as Master VAR for the US

After welcoming Seiler Instruments as a Master VAR for the US in 2020, the German company PointCab is now proudly announcing another Master VAR for the United States: The Map Lady, of Tucson, Arizona, and New York City.

PointCab Map Lady vAR

With this new partnership, PointCab will broaden its reach in the United States and cover more ground while expanding on solutions and support services. From now on, The Map Lady and Seiler will complement each other, with The Map Lady covering all states outside of Seiler territory.

PointCab CEO Dr. Richard Steffen is convinced that PointCab has found the perfect partner in The Map Lady. He says: “At PointCab, we strive to think outside the box and find new and creative solutions. We like to stand out and take chances with new technologies. With the Map Lady, we have found a like-minded partner. Taylor, The Map Lady’s CEO, brings many qualities to the table that we’re looking for in a Master VAR. She has tons of hands-on experience with GIS and laser scanning, especially mobile LIDAR. She’s always on the road talking to users, listening to their needs, and trying to come up with the best solutions for them. She’s an innovator and truly passionate about her work. With her we gain deep insights into the wants and needs of the US market and a well-versed PointCab representative.”

Taylor Handschuh, CEO of The Map Lady shares PointCab’s sentiment. She says:

“We are elated to offer PointCab’s software to our clients, as these are the exact tools that we have used to process point cloud data since our initial uptake of Mobile LiDAR scanners in 2018. The visualization of data, the extensive list of compatible file types, and documentation of applied transformations and workflow are unparalleled. As someone who has entered the ‘Reality Capture’ arena from the ‘GIS corner’, I am impressed by how this software handles real-world coordinates with zero loss or distortion; processed point clouds and resulting data, including .shp,.dxf, .dwg, and .rcp, all maintain their positions and spatial attribution. The Map Lady trusts that anyone looking to bridge the gap from their scanners’ output to their existing BIM or GIS workflow, can make this connection with the PointCab Software suite.

Our partnership with PointCab creates a direct channel to express the needs of the American Market directly to the team in Germany, and they are very receptive to client requests. After making the trip to Stuttgart to meet the team, I recognized that the people from the other side of our routine zoom meetings truly shared the passion for problem-solving in 3D, understanding how these tools are used differently within a given vertical, and providing our clients & partners with an experience that is never transactional but accessible & enriching. 

 Between the innovative PointCab team and The Map Lady’s applied experience, we have the tools and the know-how to get your LiDAR data or point clouds where you need them to be, and assure that your team can make the most of the data you collect as well!” 


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