Riegl Presents their new Products 2021


INTERGEO is back LIVE in Hanover this year – and RIEGL presents the latest developments in hardware and software at booth 20C.22 in hall 20 but also digital at the RIEGL Online booth.

Don’t miss to get informed on the new RIEGL products and find out how this exciting news in Ultimate LiDAR TechnlogyTM can help you and your business!

For the UAV-based LiDAR market, RIEGL presents a new sister type to the miniVUX-UAV series, the RIEGL miniVUX-1LR. This miniaturized, extremely lightweight and compact (1.55 kg/3.42 lbs) online waveform processing LiDAR sensor now enables operating flight altitudes of up to 820 ft and measuring ranges of up to 500 m/1640 ft. A full 360° field of view, a laser pulse repetition rate of 100 kHZ, and the optional integration of up to 2 cameras are further features that increase efficiency in the field. With this sensor and its improved longer-range performance, surveyors will efficiently meet the specific demands in challenging UAV applications, such as measurements of inaccessible canyons and open-pit mines. 

For airborne laser scanning – using manned or unmanned platforms – RIEGL shows off with the upgrade of their well-established

VUX-1 Series – the VUX-1LR22 and the VUX-1UAV22. The small and compact online waveform processing laser scanners offering a full field of view of 360° are now available with increased Laser Pulse Repetition Rates of up to 1500 kHz for the VUX-1LR22 and up to 1200 kHz for the VUX-1UAV22. This results in measurement ranges of up to 1845 m/6050 ft and operating flights of up to 1050 m/3440 ft for the VUX-1LR22 respectively measurement ranges of up to 1415 m/4640 ft and operating flights of up to 800 m/2640 ft for the VUX-1UAV22 and offers new possibilities for diverse applications. Lower minimum ranges allow to capture even closer targets. With the integration of up to 4 cameras, further possibilities are enabled. Their high performance and engineering grade mapping capabilities result in improved efficiency and usability; multi-purpose integration is supported by extreme flexibility.

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