SmartDrone Hosts “Ask Me Anything” Webinar

Introducing the New Discovery 2 Lidar Drone

SmartDrone and Lidar News to host webinar looking at the features of the new Discovery 2 platform for topographic workflows.

SmartDrone Live New Discovery

SmartDrone Corp., and Lidar News will host a free webinar on Tuesday, July 26th, 2022 at 10:00 am CT to introduce the new Discovery 2 drone platform. The format is Ask-Me-Anything (AMA). Register and share your questions about lidar drones to learn more! 

To register CLICK HERE

SmartDrone Data Processing Lead Taylor Dixon, FAS Team Lead Michael Ash, and VP Operations Al Thead will introduce SmartDrone’s Discovery 2 platform as well as their Professional Services options. They will provide an overview of SmartDrone’s hardware and software solutions and will be prepared to answer your questions on the use of  lidar for topographic workflows. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • How lidar drones can be used in a hybrid workflow
  • What it looks like to collect, process, and deliver topo data
  • SmartDrone’s lidar and ortho processing solutions and their intended benefit
  • How surveyors are using Discovery 2 as a Professional Service

Visit SmartDrone’s YouTube channel for an overview on Discovery 2 and Professional Services:


To register CLICK HERE.

About SmartDrone Corp.

SmartDrone is a leader in drone surveying innovation and technology, with U.S. manufactured aerial LiDAR hardware and software to collect and process data. Land surveyors, civil engineers, and earth workers trust SmartDrone solutions to improve efficiency and speed to completion, delivering increased capacity, margins, and profits.

More information about SmartDrone can be found on their website, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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