Tejjy Inc. – the New Year, Recalling BIM Projects of 2021

Tejjy Inc. Welcomes the New Year, Recalling BIM Projects of 2021

COVID-19 pandemic is not a setback for Tejjy Inc. BIM service provider in USA, as the company progressed with a wide array of BIM Projects in 2021. As the year ends, Tejjy Inc. is all set for a new journey holding positive works of 2021.


Tejjy Inc. BIM technology firm in USA has executed significant projects in 2021. Starting from 3D modeling, 4D scheduling, 5D cost estimation to laser scanning & facility management, Tejjy Inc. has flawlessly accomplished several BIM projects. Even if COVID strikes every market, Tejjy Inc.’s spirited environment with Covid security measures helped Tejjy Inc. in delivering projects with strict accordance to time and budget.

Best of Tejjy Inc. BIM Projects in 2021:

1. Used Laser Scanning for a Project in Baltimore, USA: Point cloud conversion to 3D BIM model played a significant role for the renovation work of the existing building. Tejjy Inc. developed required elements in 3D, based on scanned data for the modeling of all services.

2. Implemented School Renovation with BIM: Building Information Modelers of the company created the Coordination Drawing at LOD 300 for accurate architectural, structural and MEP planning. This facilitated in reducing project rework as well as material wastage. Through as-built renovation, engineers successfully developed a sustainable solution for the educational institution.

3. Accomplished As-Built Model from Point Cloud for DC Project: As-built model is created from the point cloud, saving time and money for the project, notifying the management team about the progress of development. The clients who benefited from as-built drawings have a detailed record of improvements during the construction process, making it easy to visualize the next steps of the project.

4. Carved Out Effective BIM Execution Plan for Pollution Control Plant: Tejjy Inc. carved out an effective BIM execution plan for award-winning Norman M. Cole Jr. Pollution Control Plant, based in Lorton, VA. BIM engineers produced mechanical piping & infrastructure models before on-site coordination for wastewater management.

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