Teledyne – Debut Marine Lidar Sensor for USVs

Teledyne to Debut New Marine Lidar Sensor for USVs

Teledyne Geospatial will bring its latest advancements in ocean mapping hardware and software solutions to Ocean Business 2023, being held at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK from April 18-20.

Teledyne Marine Lidar Sensor USVs

Visitors to the Teledyne Geospatial booth U12 will be introduced to the CL-360 for marine applications, a lidar sensor that can be seamlessly integrated with high resolution multibeam systems and the CARIS Ping-To-Chart workflow, allowing for full above and below water image capture with survey grade accuracy in a single workflow. The sensor’s 360-degree scanner and up to 2 million points/second collection rate provides a premier solution for mapping coastal infrastructure. The CL-360 is the only lidar system designed for use on a USV (uncrewed surface vessel) which provides survey grade range and accuracy.

Find out about the new HIPS & SIPS 11.4 release, now with sound speed and vertical correction mode available for the first time as a SaaS licensing option. Learn about the CZMIL Super Nova, the world’s most advanced lidar bathymeter with the highest green laser point density in its class and real-time processing capability for reduced post-processing time.

At Teledyne Marine’s Hospitality and Demo Suite you are invited to experience live dockside workshops demonstrating a concept of pushing data straight from Teledyne Marine sonars to the Teledyne CARIS Cloud where CARIS Onboard runs the data through an automated processing routine and makes the products available for stakeholders to monitor progress. This also allows remote data processors to immediately access data without needing to be in the field.

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