Terranet – first sample unit of its laser scanning..

Terranet ready to produce the first sample unit of its laser scanning module

Terranet has completed its extensive development and simulation phase required to finalize the technical specs of its laser scanning unit for the automotive industry. The next step is to decide on a partner who will manufacture the A-sample*.

Over the past year, Terranet has made significant progress in the development of its lifesaving driver assistance solution BlincVision, which is based on the vision technology VoxelFlow exclusively licensed by Terranet. BlincVision consists of three main hardware units: laser scanner, vision sensor, and computing unit.

The extensive engineering and simulation work have resulted in an effective solution for accelerating and miniaturizing the laser scanner. Additionally, Terranet has been able to increase the scanner’s precision and detection range by, among other things, changing to another wavelength of the laser, modifying the number of emitted beams, and the shape and position of various lenses and micromechanical mirrors. The laser can now be classified as eye-safe according to the international standard IEC 60825-1, a key achievement and milestone on the way to a finished BlincVision product.

With the specifications for the laser scanner module determined, Terranet is ready to start production of an A-sample of the scanner. The work to determine the specifications for the other two modules proceeds in parallel according to plan. Functional prototypes for the complete BlincVision solution shall be ready in 2023.

“This is a result of hard work from the entire company. We have been laser focused on reaching our goal in regards of the scanner module development. Now we can put all our engineering power into the development of the other two modules,” says Terranet’s CTO Nihat Küçük.

“I’m incredibly proud of the team for all the progress made so far. With each day we are getting closer to a functional prototype of BlincVision that can be tested in vehicles. Our ambition is also to have BlincVision in self-driving vehicles. Next, we look forward to partnering with a supplier who will manufacture the sample of the scanner,” comments Magnus Andersson, CEO.

*In the automotive industry, A-and B-sample refers to the following stages of prototyping:

A-sample: First functional prototype version, with limited functions.
B-sample: Sample with all functions except for certain software functionality. Close to mature product.

For more information, please contact
Magnus Andersson, CEO
Tel: +46 70 777 85 38
Email: magnus.andersson@terranet.se

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