The State of Mobile Mapping Report 2022 is here…

The State of Mobile Mapping Report 2022 is here: Find out what the industry has to say

Brought to you by NavVis in partnership with Lidar News, Lidar Magazine, the American Surveyor, GoGeomatics, GIM International, Geo Week, BIMplus, Spatial Source, and GeoConnexion.

Mobile Mapping Report 2022

NavVis and its partners; Lidar News, Lidar Magazine, the American Surveyor, GoGeomatics, GIM International, Geo Week, BIMplus, Spatial Source and GeoConnexion, commissioned Statista to conduct a global study of surveying and scanning professionals in the laser scanning, surveying, and AEC industries. The goal was to map the trends and emerging needs developing in the industry and track the usage and impression of new technologies. 

With the laser scanning and surveying industry undergoing a major shift, the monitoring of industry trends has become all the more important to understand how emerging technologies can be best utilized by customers and what new initiatives are about to reshape the industry.

We heard from over 200 professionals, and many insights were uncovered, such as:

Mobile mapping continues to fulfill its potential

While under two-thirds (62%) of survey participants in 2021 believed that mobile mapping technologies offer the potential to provide their end-clients with new services, this confidence grew to close to four-fifths (78%) of consumers in the 2022 survey.

Point cloud accuracy remains the most important aspect for business success

When asked to cite the most important features in a scanner that would aid business success, a 68% majority of respondents revealed that point cloud accuracy and high-quality imagery were among their top three priorities. Close to half (48%) ranked scanning speed and the time on site among the same priorities.

NavVis CEO and Co-founder, Dr. Felix Reinshagen, said “We are thrilled to be back this year with the State of Mobile Mapping Report 2022. We have seen that mobile mapping is driving significant positive change in a variety of industries – from surveying to laser scanning to AEC and more, and the results in the report are confirmation of that… We hope that this report will give you an insight into the exciting world of mobile mapping and what changes and innovations are coming next.”

To download the full report, head here: 

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