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Certainty 3D is rebranding as TopoDOT

In order to make our message simple and clear we are doing away with the Certainty 3D name and will now be known solely as TopoDOT. We still have the same leadership, same support team and the same office; just different contact information. All questions and requests should be sent to

Photo of The TopoDOT Team

The TopoDOT Team

TopoDOT Version 11.0 “Pacific Coast Highway”

We are also proud to announce the release of TopoDOT Version 11.0 “Pacific Coast Highway”. Please download and install the latest release to stay current with our newest developments.

To update, use the “Check for Updates” option within the TopoDOT menu. This will automatically download the latest version or use the link below to directly download the installation file.

TopoDOT 64-Bit Version 11.0 for Microstation Connect or similar

TopoDOT 32-Bit Version 11.0 for Microstation V8i or similar
We are constantly striving to improve your TopoDOT experience. Many of you will find your comments, suggestions and ideas implemented in some way. TopoDOT represents the collective experience, knowledge, and innovation of all our users. You have in us a place where your comments are heard, your ideas respected, and your innovations implemented whenever possible.

What is new?

TopoDOT V11.0 is a major upgrade with many changes. First of all, the point cloud engine was re-written from scratch in our 64-bit release in order to optimize processing time, support new display types, and to add a variety of new tools. You will find that the ribbon menu has had a complete makeover in order to better streamline the TopoDOT experience. New hybrid display modes allow you to integrate two point cloud display options together to maximize its visual information. Working with RGB (Color) has never been easier, as now you can now load both RGB (Color) and Intensity at the same time without having to reload the data!


You will also find amazing updates to several existing tools, one such example is the Topography Reprojection tool which has been revamped with a more efficient line-work adjusting technique using only the image project files. The Control point to Data Analysis tool was also updated to work in 3D to assess Northing, Easting and Elevation differences of a visible target on the ground. See a quick demo of this tool here. Lastly the Break-line Extraction tool now includes an auto-fitting profile option to speed up your break-line extraction process. See more about these tools in the release highlights webinar here.

New tools have been also added to this release including the Utility Pole Extraction tool to easily label and measure utility poles (see a quick demo video here) as well as the Point Cloud Conversion Wizard to easily convert your original point cloud to the most efficient format for TopoDOT.

Although all of changes mentioned above are only available in the 64-bit version, you will find some updates were implemented in the 32-bit version as well; such as: the “left/center/right” option for the Extraction by Intensity tool, and the “limit to boundary levels” option in the Road Extractiontool among others.

Lastly, we are offering TopoCloud Pro for free until January 1st to our existing customers. Please let us know if you would like additional information on how to get started.

We are still updating the changes on the TopoDOT Wiki-Manual but you can see a full list of the changes here. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. Please join our non-spammy quarterly newsletter and watch all the release webinars here. 

Thank you for being part of the TopoDOT community!


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