Unmanned Autonomous Systems Division Web Meeting

The Unmanned-Autonomous-Systems-Division (UASD) serves the ASPRS members as a resource for mapping standards and industry insights. The UASD includes unmanned autonomous systems (broadly defined, including robotics) and related technologies, including platforms, sensors, communications, algorithms, and derived information, among others.

Image of UAV Unmanned-Autonomous-Systems Division

Unmanned-Autonomous-Systems Division

Calling all UAS and Photogrammetry Gurus! The UAS Division (UASD) and Photogrammetric Applications Division are hosting a web meeting on Thursday, December 13th, at 2pm.

We’d like to hear if, or to what extent, you are applying the ASPRS Positional Accuracy Standards for Digital Geospatial Data when creating drone-based deliverables. We would REALLY like to get your feedback to see if amendments to this standard might be discussed at the ASPRS Annual Conference in January. We also would like to discuss the creation of a data repository for sharing different UAS datasets/projects.

If this sounds interesting, please consider joining us next week Thursday, December 13th, at 2pm!

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Here is what we are all about:

  • Grow and support the Vision of ASPRS
  • Outreach and education on UAS technology for ASPRS and non-ASPRS members
  • Liaising with UAS-interested parties outside the Society
  • Promotion of standards and best practices, establishment of calibration and validation sites, and credentialing and certification activities
  • Communicate with UASD members through regular meetings, the UASD website, emails, etc.
  • Coordinate activities with ASPRS committees and the other ASPRS technical divisions that contribute to the objectives of the UASD

This is an event that you will want to put on your calendar. For more information click here.

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