Version 21 of the Global Mapper Software Development Kit released

Version 21 of the Global Mapper® Software Development Kit (SDK) released with the ability to generate point clouds from UAV images

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Hallowell, Maine – November 19, 2019, Blue Marble Geographics® has released new versions of its GIS and point cloud editing software development kits — the Global Mapper SDK and LiDAR Module SDK. The version 21 SDKs incorporate enhancements from the recent releases of the desktop versions of the software, including the addition of the LiDAR Module’s photogrammetric tool — Pixels-to-Points® — for generating point clouds from drone and UAV images.

“Blue Marble is committed to meeting the needs of UAV customers, and the addition of the Pixels-to-Points tool to our SDK is one more step towards that goal,” said Patrick Cunningham, Blue Marble Geographics President. “Third-party developers are now able to utilize and customize our photogrammetric tool in their own software, allowing them to output orthoimages, meshes and 3D point clouds in their own products or projects. We’re very excited to see what our SDK customers will do with this technology!”

For more than 20 years, the robust and affordable GIS software Global Mapper has been renowned for its ease of use, with drag and drop file-opening and support for more than 300 file formats. The Global Mapper and LiDAR Module SDKs enable developers to add the functionality of Global Mapper and the LiDAR Module to their own applications and to create custom toolbars and extensions for the desktop version of Global Mapper. Additional enhancements to the Global Mapper SDK and LiDAR Module SDK include the following: 

New Features in the Global Mapper SDK

·     Speed enhancements in the display of tiled online image sources

·     Significant speed improvements in the drawing of ECW files

·     Faster exports to tiled palette-based formats

·     High bit depth raster exports now support resampling  

·     Faster multi-threaded processing when verbose error log levels, such as Debug or Debug Extreme, are enabled

·     Improved display of online tiled sources where only part of the zoom level is filled with data 

·     The ability to provide a prompt for elevation units when loading elevation grid files that have a known projection system, but no specified elevation units

·     New option to calculate Strahler’s stream order as part of the watershed analysis (via GENERATE_WATERSHED script command)

·     Updated behavior when GM_SetProjection(Ex) is explicitly called: The display/export projection will no longer reset to no projection when you close the last open layer if you have explicitly set a projection

 New Features in the LiDAR Module SDK

·     Automatic identification and reclassification of utility poles from a point cloud layer

·     Many updates to the Pixels-to-Points tool (via GENERATE_POINT_CLOUD script command) including improved quality, enhanced orthorectification, and color harmonization

·     Speed improvements when gridding LiDAR data with large gaps

For a complete list of updates or to download the Global Mapper SDK today, visit:

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