Virtual Event – Groundbreaking Campaign to Scan Amazon Basin

Earth Archive to Host Virtual Congress June 15-16 Event to Present Groundbreaking Campaign to Scan the Entire Amazon Basin with High Resolution LiDAR

Plans to eventually scan the entire planet would create a digital record of the Earth, to serve as a baseline for future global exploration 

Ft. Collins, Colorado: March 1, 2021.  The Earth Archive, an emerging conservation initiative that is transforming the fight against the climate crisis, announced today it will host its inaugural Earth Archive Virtual Congress on June 15-16, 2021. The event will present a revolutionary campaign to scan the entire Amazon Basin and bring together stakeholders interested in joining the project. 

By scanning the planet’s land surface with very high resolution LiDAR, the Earth Archive will create a true three-dimensional twin of our world — an open source, digital record of the Earth that will reflect the landscape exactly as it was at the time of scanning. With this endeavor, the Earth Archive is positioned to provide geospatial data that will serve as the legacy baseline for understanding and conserving our world. 

“The Amazon rainforest plays a crucial role in the Earth’s climate and has an unparalleled level of ecological diversity, but it’s vanishing right before our eyes,” said Christopher Fisher, PhD. Archaeologist, Director of The Earth Archive and Professor of Anthropology, Colorado State University. “We have a shrinking window of time to digitally preserve landscapes as they exist now with high resolution LiDAR in order to enhance knowledge of cultural and ecological treasures and improve sustainability efforts. We’re hoping to build a broad-based Earth Archive community and are urging interested people to join us for this effort, which we are confident will be a monumental step toward finding a solution for climate change.”

The Earth Archive Virtual Congress will connect participants at all levels of society interested in partaking in the Amazon campaign, including researchers, students, NGOs, indigenous groups, government officials and corporations. Archeologists, anthropologists and Earth Archive researchers and stakeholders will team with geospatial, mapping and GIS entities and organizations to present solutions and findings.

Day One of the two-day summit will focus on understanding the current state of Amazon mapping, along with outlining the contributions that Earth Archive data can make in improving current understandings of Amazonian socio-natural systems. Day Two will focus on the broader contributions that an open-source Amazon scan can make to an array of sciences, policy making and other related fields.  Sponsorship opportunities for geospatial industry technology providers are available.

Visit for the full schedule, list of speakers and link to register. 

About The Earth Archive Initiative

The Earth Archive Initiative is a US-based non-profit conservation initiative that is revolutionizing the fight against the climate crisis and heritage loss.  By 3D LiDAR scanning the entire land surface of the planet, the Earth Archive is creating an open-source digital twin, starting with some of the world’s most threatened areas.  By sharing this information, the Earth Archive allows experts to identify vegetation, geological fault lines, hydrological elements and even lost civilizations, and to put into place programs to protect and preserve them for future generations.



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