Virtual Subsurface Utility Mapping Strategy Forum

SUMSF 2022: March 22 – March 23, The Virtual Subsurface Utility Mapping Strategy Forum Conference.

GoGeomatics and the chair of SUMSF, Geoff Zeiss of between the poles, presents SUMSF 2022: March 22 – March 23 with workshops from March 24th – 25th, 2022. 

SUMSF 2022 is a free virtual event that will bring together individuals and organizations who wish to share information about and contribute to improving the mapping of underground infrastructure.

This is a highly specialized executive-level audience from organizations in both the private and public sectors. The priority use cases are reducing damage to underground utilities during construction and the development of subsurface digital twins. The focus will be on innovative strategies involving policies, legislation, regulation, new technologies, business best practices, training, and education for improving the mapping of underground utilities.

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Day 1 

Opening Keynote with Patrice Lemire, Directeur Général GEOSYSTEMS – Discussing France’s DT DICT Damage Prevention System which is actually reducing underground damage

Session with Yuval Barnea – Describing the RodRadar system for real-time damage prevention with a modified back hoe

Panel: Developing a subsurface digital twin for Canada

Day 2

Opening Keynote with Victor Khoo, Director, Survey & Geomatics Division at Singapore Land Authority – Discussing Singapore’s Subsurface Digital Twin initiative

Session with Luigi Kassir – Describing the Skipper NDT system for detecting and mapping underground infrastructure with a drone

A huge thank you to our SUMSF 2022 sponsors. 

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