Visit CHC Navigation at Geo Week 

Visit CHC Navigation at Geo Week 

In case you may not be aware of CHC Navigation they want to invite you to visit their Geo Week booth – #1128 in Denver, CO February 6 – 8 to learn more about their impressive product line-up. In the meantime here is some background information about this worldwide, diversified mapping and geospatial industry leader. We’ll see you in Denver!


CHC Navigation is a Technology-Driven Company Poised for Growth 

CHC Navigation is a global technology provider of precision positioning solutions covering a wide range of professional applications, including:

  • Land and airborne surveying,
  • Conventional terrestrial GNSS surveying
  • 3D mass data acquisition
  • Precision agriculture
  • Unmanned navigation
  • Robotics
  • Real-time GNSS infrastructure, and more.

Out of a global workforce of 1,500 people, 700+ are dedicated to R&D and product development to keep a steady pace of innovations and to stand out from the competition.

Versatile and easy-to-use platforms are essential for the democratization of LiDAR systems.

Although LiDAR refers to a technology, most of the existing LiDAR systems do not offer enough flexibility to address the variety of application challenges faced by users in the field.  Therefore, CHCNAV offers not just one or a few different systems, but a broad portfolio of solutions based on the accuracy requirements, type of application and budgetary constraints.

Our portfolio contains several vehicle-independent terrestrial solutions such as the Alpha3D series, with single or dual scanner heads and various lidar options. Our technology partners range from RIEGL survey-grade accuracy scanners for road analysis to cost-effective Hesai LiDAR for GIS projects where lower accuracy, but very detailed results are required.

Demand for digital twins drives growth in 3D LiDAR mapping

The United Nations estimates the world’s population will reach nearly 10 billion by 2050. This urbanization creates pressure on housing, utilities, infrastructure, and the environment and needs to be managed with a holistic approach.  

CHC believes that the concept of digital twins is important to achieving integrated management of geospatial assets in order to meet higher demand for efficient and intelligent transportation systems, green expansion of urban areas and sustainable infrastructure. 

To learn more please visit the CHC booth number 1128 and ask for Andrei Gorb or Bruce Eyre.


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