Webinar: Reducing Survey Data by Using Photographs for Precise 3D Models

Sponsored by Bentley

04 May 2017
14:00 EDT | 11:00 PDT

The professionals at CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC have developed a workflow to generate an accurate 3D model created with Bentley’s ContextCapture. The digital model included various survey features and topography and was delivered in just a few hours.

One of the key deliverables was the precision of the model achieved through digital photos combined with ground control points. The process saved time, generated instant value, and gave the engineers a true, geometrically accurate 3D model to advance planning and design.

In this webinar, Chris Skorny, 3D Modeling Specialist/UAV Pilot from CEDARVILLE, will demonstrate how to:


  • Overcome traditional survey restraints eliminating the need for costly and risky onsite visits
  • Generate a 3D reality model from aerial photos, site photographs, and old survey data
  • Create a high-resolution and geometrically accurate 3D model
  • Extract survey features and topography


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