When vision becomes reality

When vision becomes reality

With the Z+F IMAGER® 5016, Zoller + Fröhlich presented one of the most innovative concepts of terrestrial 3D surveying in 2016. This year, this vision has become reality – and the first application examples inspire. Not only by a much higher accuracy up to 30% on distances and in angular accuracy, but also by a higher range with an unambiguous interval of 365 m. For the surveyor, a higher range means fewer scanning positions and accurate measuring results at longer distances, for example when surveying bridges and tall buildings. In addition, Zoller + Fröhlich expanded the blue workflow®, which was first used with the Z+F IMAGER® 5010X. This allows not only a target-free registration in real-time. Now it is also possible to integrate data, generated with handheld scanners, directly in the workflow. “This means that we are reacting to a market trend that is directly demanded by the customers,” says Christoph Held, Application Engineer at Zoller + Fröhlich. “Due to the different strengths of the measuring methods in specific applications, our customers prefer a technology mix to get optimal project results.” For short-range applications, photogrammetric and triangulation methods are used – depending on the requirements with or without drones. In recent years the time of flight method has been established for large distances applications. In between these methods, the phase-based 3D laser scanners are available for close and medium distances up to 300 m to get measurement results with very high accuracy and an enormous resolution. With the blue workflow®, Zoller + Fröhlich links all these technologies and creates a whole new dimension of efficiency.

The design of the scanner also supports this concept. A weight reduction, now under 7 kg and an optimization of the shape and handles makes the device handier for everyone. Thus, Zoller + Fröhlich creates a higher level of comfort and safety. Surveyors can easily place the scanner on high tripods and carry them over longer distances.
In addition, Zoller + Fröhlich also offers practical equipment for the Z+F IMAGER® 5016. For example the new scanner backpack, where, aside from the scanner, accessories such as spare batteries, charger and cable finds space. With this, backpack scanning positions, which are difficult to access, are no longer a challenge. “Moreover the case, that always comes with the scanner offers more advantages,” says Annika Gabriel, a team member of the marketing department. “By its weight and size, the case can be checked-in as a hand luggage with most airlines.” A comfortable telescopic rod that extends widely provides more legroom and flexibility when walking and carrying the scanner case. It is very stable, protected against impacts, snow and rain as well as against theft, due the lock on the front.

Accurate registration
“Without a doubt, targets are useful in many ways. They not only provide high accuracy registration results they are also indispensable for certain applications.” This opinion has Martin Reinköster, surveying engineer at Zoller + Fröhlich, along with many other experts. But Targets, however, are not suitable for every surveying project. On the contrary, in many ways targets are very expensive and debiting the resource time or surfaces are too sensitive to hang up targets. The right hanging, positioning and capturing are mostly fundamental challenges for surveyors. For applications where targets are not absolutely necessary, there have been other registration possibilities for a while. Especially cloud-to-cloud registration is a successful process in many applications. Now Zoller + Fröhlich has put more focus on this aspect with the new Z+F LaserControl® Scout. Thus, not only point clouds can already be registered in the field fully automatic. Also the accuracy of the registration has further been improved with the new version. In this process, the surveyor has now also the possibility to make a bundle adjustment – without using third party systems. This possibility not only exists for cloud-to-cloud, it’s also available for classic target registration. This is how Zoller + Fröhlich fulfills its aim of leading edge technology in terms of highest accuracy and quality, which is also reflected in a completely redesigned user interface. Primer tools have been moved to higher levels to ensure fast access. Icons and symbols have been optimized and adapted in their understandability.

In addition, a clear layout provides a better overview and allows more intuitive work. This makes it easier for new users to learn the software’s structure.

“The first customer feedback, especially at INTERGEO 2017, shows that we are on the right track,” says Software Developer Franz Härtl. “And we will not lose this track in the future.”

Zoller + Fröhlich would like to thank all visitors of the INTERGEO 2017 as well as staff and the exhibition organization for a very good and successful exhibition.









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