Workshop – 3D Perception Systems used in Robotic Assembly Applications

ASTM E57 Workshop on Standards for 3D Perception Systems used in Robotic Assembly Applications

October 25, 2019  – Attention 3D Perception Colleagues. The ASTM E57 Committee on 3D Imaging Systems invites you to the first Workshop on Standards for 3D Perception Systems used in Robotic Assembly Applications. The workshop is co-sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and ASTM. It will be held on December 2nd and 3rd, 2019 at the NIST campus in Gaithersburg, MD. 3D perception systems include passive and active 3D vision systems such as time-of-flight cameras and laser scanners, as well as the software required to process the data into usable information such as the identification, positions, and orientations of parts. 

The workshop will feature multiple speakers from industry, academia, and government organizations who are all working on developing, integrating, or testing 3D perception systems used in robotic applications. The goal of the workshop is to bring together stakeholders from the 3D perception community in order to define prioritized voluntary performance standards that are needed in the industry and to organize task groups to start developing them. Also included in the program will be visits to several NIST robotics labs to learn more about NIST’s capabilities and areas of research. 

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Kamel S. Saidi, Ph.D.

Membership Secretary of ASTM E57 Committee on 3D Imaging Systems

Chair of ASTM E57.02 Sub-Committee on Test Methods for 3D Imaging Systems

Acting Leader of the Sensing & Perception Systems Group

Intelligent Systems Division
National Institute of Standards and Technology
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8230
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8230
Tel: 301-975-6069, Cell: 202-823-3894, Fax: 301-990-9688

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