Phase One – ILMF Preview

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Phase One will be showing a new 100 MP medium format aerial camera at ILMF this year. The Phase One iXU 1000 is small, light in weight, and with its CMOS sensor, offers the flexibility to choose high ISOs at fast shutter speeds.

Many LIDAR owners are finding that medium format metric cameras from Phase One are a perfect match for their LIDAR systems. LIDARs offer the highest accuracy 3D point clouds and Phase One aerial cameras are able to add to the deliverables, by providing the matching colors and details that do not exist in the LIDAR data. By adding a Phase One camera, customers can receive products that have the details and information that enable them to analyze images and to identify objects in the images, such as a traffic light or power utility pole.

Phase One medium format cameras are the best choice for LIDAR users as they offer high resolution images, unmatched color quality, high dynamic range, full metric stability and are competitively priced. Phase One aerial cameras have a proven track record worldwide and have been successfully integrated with all major brands of LIDAR. The integration of Phase One aerial cameras is straightforward and can be easily performed in a half day or even less.

Adding a Phase One camera enables LIDAR owners to augment their revenue by providing new products to end users, such as orthophotos and colored point clouds.

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