1905 Rock Island Truss Bridge – LiDAR Scan by TrekK

The historic 700 ft long, 1905 Rock Island Truss Bridge (the “RIB”) is being reclaimed as an entertainment district and essential link in the Kansas and Missouri trail systems. TREKK Design Group was hired to acquire static LiDAR scans to create accurate drawings of the existing steel and joint plates for design of additional needed support. Because the bridge was originally designed to lift when the Kansas River was flooding, it was left pinned in the raised position. Additionally, a fire compromised the ties. TREKK designed an unmanned trolley system for the static scanner to approach from both ends making the entire acquisition safer. Of the many LiDAR tools TREKK has in-house, including UAV and mobile LiDAR, static was the ultimate tool to obtain the required 1/8” accuracy.

Flying Truss LLC, under the leadership of Michael Zeller, secured a 50-year bridge lease from KCMO to create a private venue at the center of the bridge with basic egress in and out. The 1,000-person occupancy design will include two industrial kitchens servicing event and conference space, retail boutiques, high-end sleeping cabins, a restaurant, wine tasting room and viewing platform. The Kansas Department of Tourism estimates that the RIB will attract some 360,000 unique visitors in its first year of operation.


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