Applanix at ilmf 2019

Applanix pioneered the use of Direct Georeferencing for airborne mapping, and offers a complete portfolio of products, software, and solutions easily integrated with LiDAR. Applanix technology can compute the ground coordinates of each LiDAR laser pulse, generating a 3D point cloud which is filtered and processed to produce terrain and surface information.  We will be showing our complete airborne mapping lineup at ILMF 2019, including: 

POS AV & POSTrack: Designed for DG & engineered for LiDAR. These are also available to OEMs and systems integrators in the form of a Trimble AP GNSS-Inertial Board Set plus Inertial Measurement Unit.

POSPac MMS 8, POSPac UAV, POSPac Cloud: Post-processing software that delivers maximum accuracy & efficiency for DG.

The APX-UAV Product Line:

APX-15 UAV: Single board GNSS-Inertial solution for DG from small UAVs

APX-15 EI UAV: Support for an external IMU for gimballed platforms

APX-18 UAV: Dual GNSS antenna configuration for low speeds/hovering, LiDAR

APX-20 UAV: External IMU for highest accuracy and higher altitude mapping

For MORE INFORMATION, or to BOOK A MEETING with our sales representatives, visit Applanix’ ILMF 2019 website.

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