Allvision at geo week 2020

Allvision IO is a spatial data and analytics company developing solutions to process LiDAR, imagery/video, and trajectory data from mobile mapping systems into high-value information products, specifically for applications in transportation infrastructure, asset management, and GIS. Allvision’s processing software leverages computer vision and machine learning technologies used in robotics and autonomous vehicles to efficiently, reliably, and automatically convert rich mobile mapping data into high-resolution asset maps that provide actionable insights for businesses, cities, municipalities, enterprises, and government agencies. These asset maps can be utilized as digital twins across parking, 5G, rail, and beyond to provide better efficiencies, improve sustainability along with safety, and direct informed decisions, faster. Allvision is focused on the latest methods of obtaining and making sense of the complex information systems built around smart cities, and how to utilize this information to improve mobility, traffic flow, curb management, parking optimization, and rail safety. Informatics and AI are at the forefront of future technologies for the next generation of infrastructure. Visit to learn more about how the Allvision platform enables street level analytics at global scale, making sense of our dynamic environment to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

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