Applanix at geo week 2020

For nearly 30 years Applanix has offered complete and customized mobile mapping solutions while championing the technology revolution that allows pinpoint positioning in any condition. Applanix is the standard for organizations that depend on accuracy and quality and who value experienced partners. 

By integrating precision GNSS with inertial technology, Applanix products help facilitate more productive, effective, and efficient geospatial projects. Our Direct Georeferencing (DG) technology works with LiDAR & all types of imaging sensors.

POS AV: Designed for DG & engineered for LiDAR. POSTrack (stand-alone or OEM board set) consists of POS AV + advanced Flight Management System (FMS) for mission planning, pilot guidance, and sensor control.

POSPac MMS 8: Post-processing software delivers maximum accuracy & efficiency for DG.

OEM, Applanix DG: Our POS products are available to OEMs & systems integrators as Trimble AP GNSS-Inertial Board Sets + Inertial Measurement Units. They feature high-performance, precision GNSS receivers & industry-leading Applanix IN-Fusion™ technology. Turn your UAV into a professional mapping solution with any of our UAV board sets, the Trimble GNSS Smart Target Base Station, and online POSPac MMS™ post-processing software called POSPac Cloud.

With Applanix, you can Trust your Position.


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