Arithmetica/Pointfuse – SPAR Preview

Please Visit Us at Booth #518

Pointfuse is a powerful modeling engine developed by Arithmetica, a hi-tech company based at the world famous Shepperton Studios in London, England. Pointfuse V2 offers a “one button” solution for converting point clouds to 3D vector geometry automatically and in a matter of minutes, from any source. Designed for anyone capturing or using point cloud data, Pointfuse uses advanced statistical techniques to create vector models which can then be manipulated using any industry-standard CAD system. At SPAR 3D Arithmetica will be launching a brand new version of Pointfuse.

Pointfuse V2 allows users to generate 3D geometry automatically and in a matter of minutes, regardless of the source of the point cloud. Unlike other meshing techniques, the vector geometries produced by Pointfuse V2 are separated along natural break lines or edges, which make them easier to manipulate in a wider variety of design or manufacturing software.

Pointfuse V2 will represent a major change in the way that point cloud data is converted to three dimensional vector geometry.  Compatible with any type of point cloud data the new techniques in Pointfuse V2 means that 3D models are not only optimized to produce realistic geometry, but they enable shapes to be isolated and manipulated in third party software to a much greater extent than before.

In addition to the official launch of Pointfuse V2 on Booth 518 Arithmetica will also be showcasing the improvements to the software and other promotional activities.

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