ASC 3D – ILMF Preview

Please Visit Us at Booth #67

3D Flash LIDAR(TM) is ideal for mapping applications where point cloud data latency cannot be tolerated.  ASC‘s family of industry unique non-scanning, solid state, 3D Flash LIDAR cameras generate real time 3D video streams using ASC’s patented time of flight, 3D focal plane array technology.

Our cameras have the ability to also image day and night through dust, fog, smoke and other obscurants.  The 128 x 128 TigerCub(TM) camera supports mapping ranges up to 1.5 km and is capable of mapping up to 163,840 points per second.  ASC’s cameras consist of an integrated sensor, Class 1 eye safe laser (wavelength 1570 nm), and optics in a compact package.  The cameras support Ethernet interface protocols.  Drop by the ASC booth and see our 128 x 32 Peregrine 3D flash LIDAR(TM) camera in action.

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