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BayesMap 250

Please Visit Us at Booth #95 – live demo of our new point cloud alignment software!

With a short, yet powerful command line you can reduce the geometric errors to get the best out of your data. See how it outperforms existing software thanks to innovative algorithms. Bring in your LiDAR strips, and see for yourself!

BayesStripAlign performs fast and robust strip adjustment to maximize the relative and absolute accuracy of LiDAR data. Both systematic and random geometric errors are greatly reduced.

BayesStripAlign was released recently, and we are constantly improving it and adding new capabilities. Version 1.2 brings in more flexibility, and more effective boresight calibration, now working with multichannel sensors.

BayesStripAlign features:

  • Spatially adaptive¬†corrections
  • Works directly on final, georeferenced point clouds
  • Automatic boresight and internal calibration options
  • No ground filtering required
  • Fast compared to ICP and least-squares surface matching
  • Vertical error analysis: maps and histograms
  • Accepts LAS/LAZ/ASCII formats, POF/SBET/ASCII trajectories

Advantages of BayesMap software packages:

  • Free 30-day evaluation period
  • Standalone packages, purchased and run independently
  • Command-line interface compatible with LAStools
  • Easy batch and production chain integration
  • Computationally efficient implementation, multi-platform

At BayesMap solutions, we keep innovating to produce high-performance LiDAR processing software, allowing you to offer better data and reduce collection costs.

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