Bentley – SPAR 2019 Preview

Discuss Digital Twins with Bentley at SPAR3D, Booth #625 – With an open and connected data environment, improve collaboration from planning to performance. Digital twins are rapidly advancing beyond BIM to enable asset-centric organizations to converge engineering, operational, and information technologies for immersive visualization and analytics. This federated environment has multiple contributors and geometries, and to this data from continuous surveys, photogrammetry, LiDAR and sensors to further improve infrastructure inspection, construction monitoring, and infrastructure resilience.

  • Simulate real-world situations, optimize systems and processes, and monitor the performance and condition of assets
  • Provide analytics visibility and insights with immersive digital operations to enhance the effectiveness of operations and maintenance 
  • Conduct inspections remotely or reach inaccessible assets with the application of drones, robots, and AI-based computer vision, to automate inspection tasks via a living digital twin improving productivity and leveraging the knowledge of scarce resources

Project delivery firms and owner-operators share the benefits of an open, integrated, and connected framework both improving collaboration and decisions, and delivering better project outcomes and performing assets.

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