Bentley Systems at GEO Week 2020

Bentley Systems is the leading global provider of software solutions to engineers, architects, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators for the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure, including public works, utilities, industrial plants, and digital cities.

With Bentley’s 3D mapping software, you can easily access and update your aboveground or belowground 3D city models with data acquired from street-level mobile, oblique, UAS, aerial, terrestrial, and indoor mapping. Bentley’s Orbit software allows you to access and update scanned data, imagery, 3D vectors, meshes, and 2D GIS/CAD data. Orbit helps users manage, extract, and share vast amounts of imagery, point cloud, and 3D mapping data for use with reality modeling and digital twins.

Bentley’s reality modeling software, ContextCapture, provides you with real-world digital context in the form of a 3D reality mesh. Overlapping photos from drones and ground-level imagery, supplemented by laser scans where needed, ContextCapture enables you to generate spatially-classified and engineering-ready reality meshes at any desired level of accuracy and scale, including an entire city.

Stop by Bentley booth 314 to get a live demo of our 3D mobile mapping and reality modeling solutions.

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