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What if you could dramatically increase the number of projects on which reality capture could be cost effectively applied?  What if you could capture existing conditions of any scale more frequently to ensure acting on up-to-date information?  What if you could easily capture more of the surrounding environmental context in a 3D photorealistic format ideally suited for engineering workflows and easily sharable through a web browser?

Come see how Bentley is advancing reality capture and visualization through reality modeling software that enables the automatic creation of 3D models from ordinary photographs.  See how ContextCapture and LumenRT software enable you to quickly produce and visualize even the most challenging 3D models of existing conditions for infrastructure projects of all types, derived from simple photographs.  Without the need for expensive, specialized equipment, you can quickly create and use these highly detailed 3D reality models to provide precise real-world context for design, construction, and operations decisions for use throughout the lifecycle of projects.

Learn about how leading-edge professionals in the infrastructure industry are adopting these game-changing technologies from Bentley to make better decisions, faster, with access to precise existing conditions, through the integration and visualization of environmental context.

Watch Our Video: Reality Modeling for the Philadelphia Papal Visit

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