Blue Marble Geographics – XPONENTIAL Preview

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Blue Marble’s geospatial data manipulation, visualization, and conversion solutions are used worldwide by thousands of GIS analysts at software, energy, mining, civil engineering, surveying, and technology companies, as well as government agencies and academic institutions.

Over recent years, Global Mapper has emerged as a mainstay in the mission planning and data management processes for many UAV companies and XPONENTIAL 2016 provides an excellent opportunity for Blue Marble to introduce and demonstrate some of the latest innovations in the software.

Global Mapper is the GIS software of choice for hundreds of UAV data collection companies throughout the world. Capable of displaying, converting, and analyzing virtually any type of geospatial data, this remarkable application’s format support is unequaled among comparable GIS applications allowing it to be uniquely interoperable across multiple platforms. Any remotely collected data can be quickly processed, analyzed, and delivered in virtually any format. The innovative 3D display tools in Global Mapper enable users to create HD fly-through videos derived from UAV flight path data, and the software includes an embedded UAV Video Playback tool. When it comes to LiDAR or point cloud processing, the Global Mapper LiDAR Module’s capabilities are second to none. From automatic ground classification, to feature detection, to automatic and custom vector extraction, no other software offers so much functionality at such an affordable price

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