Blue Marble at ILMF 2019

The Global Mapper LiDAR Module offers an extensive collection of LiDAR and point cloud processing tools at a reasonable price, including photogrammetric point cloud creation, automatic and manual point classification, DTM and DSM creation, and feature extraction. Seamlessly integrated into a fully functional GIS application, the module supports point clouds of virtually any size and is a must have for anyone working any type of point cloud data.

The LiDAR Module is a perfect complement to the core GIS and map design functionality of Global Mapper. Providing support for virtually every known spatial file format and direct access to common spatial databases, as well as countless online data services, this remarkable application can read, write, and analyze all of your current data. The software’s intuitive user interface and logical layout helps smooth the learning curve and ensures that users will be up-and-running in no time.

What sets Global Mapper apart from all other commercial or opensource GIS software is its powerful 3D display and analysis capabilities. From simple terrain creation and contour generation to advanced cut and fill calculation and watershed analysis, no other application offers such an impressive array of 3D tools, right out of the box.

The combination of Global Mapper and the LiDAR Module represents a complete point cloud management platform and offers a combination of functionality that is simply not available in any other single application.

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