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Cardinal Systems continues its development of the Vr Mapping Software suite which offers a variety of modules for use by the many professions in the geospatial community and is the result of over 25 years of development. Data collection and editing in 2D and true 3D stereo environments from imagery/LiDAR/point clouds & surface data highlight packages such as VrOne®, VrTwo and VrThree.  The newest additions include VrAutoTie and VrBundle which extend the capabilities of the existing Vr Aerial Triangulation program.  The ability to work with difficult geometries including UAV, oblique, high oblique, close range and coincident camera positions is required in today’s market.  The stand-alone Vr Camera Calibration program has been added to supplement the integration of UAV and other single lens cameras into the existing workflow.   VrThree (formerly 3D ViewPoint) integrates LiDAR, point cloud and (or) DSM data into the Vr Mapping Software workflow.  The VrThree environment enables vector data to be collected and edited using the extensive VrOne® mapping tools.  The Vr geospatial products developed for mapping offer the ability to structure workflow using a single input source or a hybrid of input sources to produce the desired deliverable.

Vr Mapping continues to evolve
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