cepton – SPAR 2019 Preview

Cepton Technologies, Inc. is a leading 3D sensing solutions provider shipping next-generation LiDAR products for the automotive, security, transport infrastructure, Industrial and mapping markets. Founded in 2016 and led by LiDAR and advanced image industry veterans, Cepton has deployed seven advanced LiDAR solutions that are mapping the future. Cepton LiDAR technology delivers unrivaled detection range and resolution at low cost, to enable perception for the fast-growing market for smart machines.

Cepton will be exhibiting at SPAR 3D from May 21-23, 2019 at booth no. 536. The company will be showcasing live demo of a new product for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with 400HZ scanning rate to enable a wide range of mapping capabilities. Cepton will also be showcasing live demos for its newly announced Vista-Edge™ LiDAR Evaluation Kit, an edge processing system which provides immediate 3D visualization of point cloud data.

To meet with Cepton Technologies onsite at SPAR 3D, please reach out to Cepton@racepointglobal.com or media@cepton.com. To learn more about Cepton’s LiDAR solutions, visit: http://www.cepton.com/.

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