Certainty 3D – ILMF Preview

Please Visit us at Booth #57

Certainty 3D is based in Orlando, FL USA. TopoDOT®, Certainty 3D’s primary product, is a CAD application providing a comprehensive solution to managing data, assessing quality and extracting topographies, assets and 3D models from data produced by static, mobile and airborne laser scanning systems. TopoDOT® is also widely used to process point clouds developed from camera images on UAV platforms. The TopoDOT® tool suite strikes the right balance between automation, deliverable quality and reliability.  TopoDOT®’s unique licensing program offers our customers an extremely high value. A single annual maintenance fee is based entirely on usage and includes online training and support services at no extra cost. Our customers only pay an annual maintenance fee based on the number of days they used TopoDOT® collectively across an unlimited number of workstations. The Certainty 3D team has decades of experience in the laser scanning industry offering our customers a complete range of training and support services. The TopoDOT® user community is worldwide with a presence in North America, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Certainty 3D LLC, 7039 Grand National Drive, Suite 100, Orlando, FL 32819 / www.certainty3d.com  / 407-248-0160 / info@certainty3d.com

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