Cintoo Cloud at intergeo 2019

Cintoo Cloud’s unique point cloud-to-3D mesh / 3D mesh-to-point cloud technology has been proven with more than 60,000 terrestrial laser scans already uploaded to the platform. If you use terrestrial laser scanning to manage digital twins, construction or architecture projects or to manage property and real estate assets, Cintoo Cloud is the reference cloud-based solution to manage, organize, view, share, distribute, measure or annotate your terrestrial laser scans. 

Cintoo Cloud provides you with a comprehensive set of tools and services for seamless scan and BIM workflows, including Scan and BIM analysis, scan-model and scan-scan comparison, quality control and issue tracking when comparing the as-built to the as-design, all from a simple web browser running on any standard laptop.

Cintoo Cloud is a complete collaborative platform to manage and distribute your laser scan data with no compromise to accuracy. Share projects with your team, clients or subcontractors, creating different permission levels to manage project access and what users can do online. Use it to visualize how design will fit within an existing or new building. Make your own annotations, create and manage issues then assign them to a team member or perform measurements on any part of the scan data, without even leaving your office.  

You can crop scan data to limit the amount of scan data that needs to be downloaded and imported into your modelling app (Revit or Navisworks) and create your own work zones (a floor of a building for example), and allocate this to one of your team. Cintoo Cloud can reconvert mesh data back to the original point cloud format (to be used in CAD software), with the same accuracy as the original point cloud source file with no data loss. 

Cintoo Cloud is the singular choice for customers wanting to achieve high efficiency in their laser scan projects. Come and see how Cintoo Cloud can help maximize the ROI of your terrestrial laser scanning investments and can streamline your reality capture and point cloud workflows for increased productivity at booth A3.044 at InterGeo.

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