Cintoo – SPAR 2019 Preview

Cintoo Cloud offers a complete collaborative platform to manage and distribute huge laser scan data
with no compromise to accuracy and to perform Scan and BIM analysis, quality control and issue tracking between the as-built and as-design.

When you upload laser scans to the platform, Cintoo transforms each scan into a high-resolution 3D
mesh that retains the accuracy of the source point cloud, and which is 10 to 40 times smaller in size.
The scan data then becomes collaborative, shareable and distributable via a simple WebGL browser
such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You can organize your scans in Work Zones, crop the
scan data to isolate objects or slices, make annotations, create issues, take measurements… and
share all these meta data with your team, clients or contractors with no limit on the number of users.
Issues can be exported in BCF format to be used in your issue tracking solution.

To enable Scan-to-BIM workflows, Cintoo Cloud can also inversely transform the 3D meshes back in
a point cloud format for use in CAD software such as Revit or Navisworks, with no compromise on
accuracy. You can also download the multi-resolution unified mesh to be used for modeling in Revit or clash detection in Navisworks (demo at SPAR 3D and release in June 2019).

Cintoo Cloud includes scan-vs-BIM Model comparison tools. You can connect to BIM 360 Docs to pull
the BIM model and overlay it over the scan data. You can then compare the as-built data with and the
BIM model, detect issues and document those issues in BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) files.

Cintoo Cloud is the platform of choice to make the best use of your laser scanning investment and to
improve collaboration between your team members and customers.

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